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October 31, 2014
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A Message from FOP Lodge 99 President, Brad Lemon
Brothers and Sisters,

By now many of you have heard what happened this morning. A few members of the Kansas City Fire Department hung very large red ribbons with the name Bruno stenciled on them. Those ribbons were hung around the neighborhood belonging to the officer involved last year. Thankfully that officer and his family were out of town and did not have to witness the event. On duty members responded to the scene, but so did a large number of our own FOP brothers and sisters even though they were off.

What happened this morning is unforgivable and I understand how an event like this can bring up emotions that are difficult to deal with. I responded to the scene and met with a number of you. I have read each of your messages and understand the anger. I too am greatly upset about the events that happened today, along with the other events that have happened.

I met with the presidents of Local 42, 3808 and a representative of FOP Lodge 102 on Thursday morning to work out some sort of resolution. I have also been in constant contact with Mayor James, and Chief Darryl Forte'. Everyone involved understands our anger, but we need to try to be sensible about our reactions. I do NOT believe that either of the IAFF unions had anything to do with the recent issues, but their members have.

I am asking each of you to remember that there is a court process to deal with these issues, and we will be using that avenue. We believe that using city resources, shirts and symbols to harass anyone are violations of law and the appropriate measures will be taken. Lastly, I am not asking you to not be have that right. Just as you have the right to extend professional courtesy in your traffic stops and interactions. Should you choose not to, I understand, but please be polite when you contact any member of KCFD.

We choose this profession our families did not, bringing this fight to our homes is unforgivable. I stand by each of you and ask that you share this message.

Brad Lemon
President, FOP Lodge 99
Kansas City Missouri
Letter from Executive Vice President, Brad Lemon

This is Thanksgiving week, and as the Executive VP of Lodge 99, I have a lot to be thankful for. Besides being a brother to the best family I could ever ask for, our organization has been very successful in supporting issues important to my brothers and sisters.

Our organization grew by leaps and bounds this year, and we welcomed our non-sworn brothers and sisters into our ranks. For too long they have been given lip service by our department and told that they are as important as the sworn members. We have always known that this department could not function without the non sworn, but very seldom are they treated as such. For the first time in the history of this department the civilians have a unified voice, and a forum in which to use that voice. They have spent months preparing a proposal and soon they will begin contract negotiations.  We may be the only FOP in the state supporting our non-sworn family, but we aren't the last.  St. Louis is now following in our footsteps and should be completed by this time next year.

I met with command leadership and through a lot of thoughtful discussion they felt that they needed a voice separate from the department's. A voice that is member driven and chosen by the body of their members. They voted to become the newest FOP lodge in the state of Missouri and the ONLY command FOP in the state. Other lodges have numerous commanders in them, like ours did, but Lodge 102 is unique as it actually is a lodge that bargains for the command ranks only. Lodge 99 supported their efforts and we asked our State Lodge to recognize and welcome Lodge 102 into our family.  They are new and learning, but their vote on local control  is crucial to the success of our efforts to put the issue to rest for a year or two.  On a side note, there is no truth to the rumors that I lobbied to have their lodge named Lodge 666 or All Zeroes (000), instead of 102.

The lodge building is taking shape and work is being planned on the other floors. It has become the center for FOP activities in the region and soon we will be providing other activities in that building. Activities such as regional FOP meetings that will be attended by other lodges to work on issues that are of interest to all lodges in our area. Plans are already in place to bring in National FOP leaders for training seminars, not only for our membership but members of other lodges as well.

Eight months ago our organization caught wind of a commission that was being planned to address possible direct control of the police department. We lobbied to be included in the member list and were granted two positions, I served along side one of our lodge attorneys, Sean McCauley.  We were later joined by a Lodge 102 rep and we began to work on a voting bloc. The weekend before the vote was crazy but in the end we were able to obtain a decisive victory. It was a unanimous vote against our current system, but we did get a majority vote against direct control. This will not be the last time we address this issue, but the issue will be shelved for at least a couple of years.

The top legislative issue Lodge 99 has ever had was the return of our political actives.  After having them stripped 74 years ago it was time to have them returned. For seven years we fought for changes in state statute, but because an antiquated Board of Police Commissioners (BOPC) position, lobbying by department commanders and the influence of a state senator we were unable to change the law.  The current BOPC issued another position that was neutral on the issue, the department pulled the commanders from their lobbying duties, because of lavish meals and alcohol consumption using public funds, and the senator was termed out of office.  This year we were able to get a unanimous vote in both houses to return those rights to our members, rights that have been granted to every other citizen in our great country.  We were also successful in partnering with the Police Pension Board to lobby for and obtain changes to the pension system that would allow our members to stay employed by our department for up to 35 years.  We also raised our maximum retirement benefits from 75 percent to 80 percent of member's base pay.  Neither of these bills would not have passed without the support of the Missouri State Lodge.  As a result of our successful work,in the state capital and additional issues that are of importance to our members the FOP employed a lobbyist to advocate for our members, and the issues that are important to them.

The above issues would normally be enough to call this year an amazing success, but it wasn't everything we did.  We also filed grievances on the following issues; suspension of members without criminal charges being filed, calculation of service time for specialized unit lists, denying EX time for our members, changing anniversary dates causing substantial monetary penalties to members and increases in budgets for the department, along with numerous other issues. In each of the issues we prevailed.  Your board members also used their own vacation time to attend training sessions, legislative trips to Jefferson City and conferences in Las Vegas, Denver and Cincinnati this year.  In fact, this was another year that I did not take a personal vacation as I used all of my own personal time for FOP issues.  It was in those conferences where we found the web site designer that we eventually chose for our own site development, developed pension ideas and developed a strategic business plan that will take years to fully implement.

Lastly, we do a lot of charity work during the year, donating time and money to,very worthy causes. I'm very proud of the good work we do in the community, but I'm the most proud of our Coats for Kids campaign. Supporting the community is important, as we are always in need of more community support of our officers.  I'm proud and thankful to be part of the Kansas City FOP, and I will be forever thankful to call myself your brother.

Brad Lemon
Executive Vice President
KCFOP, Lodge 99

Download: 11.25.2013 Letter from Executive Vice President Brad Lemon - Accomplishments.pdf
Heather Hall for City Council District 1

Kansas City FOP Lodge 99 is happy to announce our endorsement of Heather Hall for City Council District 1!  She is the wife of long-time FOP member Sgt. Eben Hall.

Women Standing with Heather / Kids for Heather Hall for City Council would like to announce an event which is happening August 4th :

Hello friends!  
My dear friend, Heidi Miller, is organizing a fun and helpful video/photo-op for my campaign. You do not need to be in District One to participate, so invite anyone you think would be interested. 
Hope to see you on the 4th!
From Heidi -
We can get our kids involved with Kids for Heather Hall. We will meet Monday August 4th at 5:30 at the Shoal Creek Golf Club for a picture and video. The kids will be featured in a group photo and/or video showing their support. Also, ladies we can be in a separate picture during this time showing your support of Women Standing with Heather Coalition.  We will celebrate together with Popsicles and cold drinks after the pictures.
Thank you for your support of this campaign based on fiscal responsibility, infrastructure over special interests, increase police presence and building a community center in District One.  
Blessings, Heather Hall

Lodge 99 would like to encourage all Female Officers, and all Wives / Daughters of Officer to Attend.

Member Benefits and Discounts

As members of the FOP you receive benefits through many different sources. Here is a listing of the current discounts and benefits

The Lodge is Forming Committees

The lodge is in need of members to be involved in committees that help shape the direction of the lodge. It is very important for a lodge our size to have effective committees that serve the membership.

Baconball Tournament 2013
The annual Baconball tournament was a success. The winners are as follows:
Lodge History
Want to know where we have come from? Want to know the history of the lodge and how we got to where we are today?

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