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  • October 04, 2015
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    Upcoming Events
    General Membership Meeting
    Oct 06, 2015
    KCFOP Lodge 3rd floor 527 W 39th St Kansas City, MO 64111
    KCMO Budget - "Citizen Workshops"
    Oct 06, 2015
    Hillcrest Community Center 10401 Hillcrest Rd.
    The First Annual KC FOP Lodge #99 Golf Classic
    Oct 12, 2015
    General Membership Meeting
    Nov 03, 2015
    KCFOP Lodge 3rd floor 527 W 39th St Kansas City, MO 64111
    Civilian General Membership Meeting
    Nov 05, 2015
    KCFOP Lodge #99 Meeting Hall, 3rd Floor 527 W. 39th St Kansas City, MO 64111 Civilian FOP General Membership Meetings occur every other month, on the Thursday after the Sworn FOP General Membership meetings.
    Contact Elected Officials!
    Kansas City City Council Primary - 1st District
    Kansas City City Council Primary - 1st District At Large
    Kansas City City Council Primary - 2nd District
    Kansas City City Council Primary - 3rd District At Large
    Kansas City City Council Primary - 4th District
    Kansas City City Council Primary - 5th District
    Kansas City City Council Primary - 5th District At Large
    Kansas City City Council Primary - 6th District
    Kansas City City Council Primary - 6th District At Large
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    • It's Royals playoff season.. Our Political Action Committee purchased 4 tickets and a parking pass to all home games.

      The auctions for the 2015 MLB American League Division Series have begun. The bids are due by 6 PM the night prior to the game you are bidding on.

      The seats are incredible!!!! Section 140, Row H, seats 8-11. Only 8 rows off the first base side.

      We will be using the rules that were established through this process last year, please review them below.  As more information comes available regarding which teams will be playing and when, this information will be updated to reflect that.

      2015 MLB American League Division Series

      Home Game #1

      Date: 10/08/2015 - Time TBD - Kauffman Stadium

      4 Tickets (Section 140, Row H), Parking Pass

      Current Bid: $400.00
      (New bid must be at least $50.00 higher! Updated 10/01/2015 1758hours)

      Home Game #2

      Date: 10/09/2015 - Time TBD - Kauffman Stadium

      4 Tickets (Section 140, Row H), Parking Pass

      Curren Bid: : $355.00

      (New bid must be at least $50.00 higher! Updated 10/01/2015 1758hours)

      Home Game #3 (if necessary)

      Date: 10/14/2015 - Time TBD - Kauffman Stadium

      4 Tickets (Section 140, Row H), Parking Pass

      Current Bid: $305.00

      (New bid must be at least $50.00 higher! Updated 10/01/2015 1758hours)

      RULES (Please review before submitting a bid!):


      If there are no bids by the time listed above, we will assume there is no realistic interest in this game within our organization.  In an effort to be financially responsible, we cannot run the risk of the tickets not being sold for a fair price.


      We realize members may decide to jointly purchase tickets, this is completely acceptable.  The purchaser(s) should not purchase the tickets with making a profit in mind.  Should you purchase tickets and resell them, you will be inelgible for all future auctions.

      -Do not contact board members directly as they can not be responsible for submitting your bid.

      By emailing the above address you ensure that there is a timestamped record of your bid request.  This timestamp is generated when your email hits OUR email servers, not when you send it.  There could be a delay, depending on your service provider.  PLAN ACCORDINGLY

      -If this auction stays within the organization, bids will be accepted until 6:00 PM the NIGHT BEFORE  the scheduled day of the game. (This means we must receive your bid, at our email server, by 5:59PM)
      There is a MINIMUM BID DIFFERENCE OF $50.00 - If someone has bid $2800.00, someone else has to bid a minimum of $2850.00 to be the new highest bidder.
      THERE WILL BE NO AUTOMATIC BID INCREASES: Since this is not being updated automatically, please bid the most you feel comfortable bidding.  We cannot promise to have the current bid updated as the auction nears its end.  WHAT YOU BID IS WHAT YOU WILL PAY IF YOU WIN.
      When submitting your bid, include IDENTIFYING information and good contact information.  We do not have everyone's personal email addresses memorized.
      In order to increase your chances of having the winning bid, please bid the most you feel comfortable bidding.
      -You may bid as often as you like.
      -Only current Kansas City, Missouri Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 99 Members and Associates are allowed to bid.
      -The current minimum bid will be updated at least  twice daily, at (or near to) 10AM and 6PM. Please direct any questions to eboard@kcfop.org.
      -While you're here, if you're a member REGISTER FOR THE WEBSITE and DOWNLOAD OUR APP (TITLED KCFOP).

      The proceeds of this (and all previous auctions) are going to benefit the Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police Political Action Committee (KCFOPPAC).  This provides the KCFOPPAC with the ability to support legislators and elected officials who have the Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police and its members' best interests in mind.

      As many of you know my wife battled breast cancer recently. She won that battle and we are blessed. Many of you have similar stories.

      October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Lodge 99 is selling shirts for $20.00 each. All profit will be provided to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

      The shirts are available at the lodge, the Credit Union and your trustees.

      Please help our community and families!!!!

      Brad Lemon


      The city of Kansas City, Missouri has invited its residents to participate in one of three City Budget Planning Meetings that are being held over the next several weeks.

      Billed as 'Citizen Work Sessions', various components of the meetings will be used to finalize the five-year business plan.

      The KCFOP asks for your help in making sure that Crime Reduction and a properly funded/staffed Police Department are priorities for providing a city that is safe for both Resdents and Business Owners.

      Please RSVP for one of the following meetings and let the city know what's important to you.

      (For the complete release from the city, follow this link.)

      Saturday, Sept. 19 | 9 a.m. -11:30 a.m.
      Gregg/Klice Community Center,1600 John “Buck” O’Neill Way.

      Wednesday, Sept. 23 | 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
      Northland Neighborhoods, Inc., 4420 N.E. Chouteau Trafficway

      Tuesday, Oct. 6 | 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
      Hillcrest Community Center, 10401 Hillcrest Rd.

      Space is limited, reservations are encouraged. Please respond to RSVP today to reserve your seat at one of the three Citizen Workshops: OMB@kcmo.org or 816-513-1173.

      For information, contact Chris Hernandez, City Communications Director, at 816-513-3474 orchris.hernandez@kcmo.org.

      The American Cancer Society is conducting a recruitment drive for volunteer drivers in the KC area to transport cancer patients to and from treatment.  They are trying to find 30 volunteers in September.

      If you, or someone you know, would be interested in volunteering, you can find more information in the attached article.

      Download: Give a Cancer Patient the Ride of their Life- Newsletter bulliten.pdf

      The 1st Annual KC FOP Lodge #99 Golf Tournament will be held on Monday October 12, 2015 at the Deuce Golf Course (at The National). We are looking for cart sponsors – individuals OR groups – for this event. The cost is only $50.00 for your section/unit/office and can be split by the members of your element. A cart sponsor sign recognizing you and/or your group will be placed on a golf cart during the tournament. Cart sponsorships are all profit for the tournament which will play an important role in helping us reach our goal…And of course, you can donate more than $50.00 for your cart sponsorship!

      Remember that this tournament benefits you and your KC FOP LODGE 99 brothers and sisters. One hundred percent of the funds collected on cart sponsorships will go to the Kansas City Police Officer’s Memorial Foundation

      Please designate someone to collect the money within your element and send it along with this form to Sgt. Brad Lemon in the Chief’s Office. If you have any questions please email Steve Miller at s.miller@kcfop.org

      We will be happy to make the signs for the carts, however, you are encouraged to be creative and make your own sign if you prefer. Please send it to Sgt. Brad Lemon along with this form and the money or separately as an e-mail attachment, by October 1st


      Attached to this post you will find the form needed for registering your team and how to pay.

      Download: FOP Golf Cart Sponsorship 2015.pdf

      We're Proud to Present: 

      The Annual K.C. FOP Lodge #99

      Golf Classic

      to benefit the KC Police Officer's Memorial Fund

      October 12, 2015
      The Deuce at the National

      7:00 AM Registration
      8:00 AM Tee Off

      There are many sponsorship opportunities available for businesses as well!

      Please see the attached flyer, or contact Steve Miller at 816-231-8011 for more information.

      Download: KCFOP_Golf_Flyer_2015.pdf

      KCFOP PAC Raffle

      Black Rain Ordnance PG-15 (AR-10) .308

      Drawing October 12, 2015

      One ticket for $10.00 - Three for $25.00

      Contact any Executive Board Member, Trustee or
      Steven Miller at smiller@kcfop.org or 816-769-3644

      On Friday, August 21st at 7 p.m., the Lodge 99 will be hosting the Remembering Chuck event at the lodge, in memory of Chuck Williams. This event is open for all department members, past and present, to come and fellowship. This event is not only about remembering and celebrating a brother, but to get together and fellowship. Drinks and some smaller foods will be provided. We will have a donation box available to help Chuck's family through this difficult time. Members of our own peer support committee and KCK's peer support committee will be on hand also.

      This is about our family, please consider coming by and spending some time together. Lastly, there is an account open at the credit union if you prefer to donate in that manner (Payday is Friday so be generous).

      Remembering Chuck Event

      Friday, August 21st at 7PM

      KC FOP Lodge Hall

      527 W. 39th St, Ste 201
      Kansas City, MO 64111

      Brothers and Sisters,

      By now, most of you know that one of our own passed away yesterday. I have struggled with addressing this issue over the last day and a half. I have read a great deal of posts, emails, and texts regarding our brother and the choice he made to end his suffering. Many of you have called and asked what you can do.

      For the first time, in a very long time, I am at a loss for words. Chuck was a great guy, with many friends, none of which saw this coming. During my career we have had a number of brothers and sisters choose the same option. To date, I have never heard anyone say they knew it was going to happen.

      Our culture MUST change. We have to give our family permission to need help. Early in my career I had my own critical incidents, and "old timers" gave me the lines to give to department psychologists to get cleared and back to duty as soon as possible. Each subsequent event I have used the same tactics and was each time I cleared very quickly. To be honest, more quickly than I should have ever been. I have passed those techniques on to other brothers and sisters and "helped" them back to duty just as quickly. Over the last couple of years I have come to realize that those "old timers" didn't help me, they just provided me the same tools they were taught.

      Only in rare circumstances will we ever see one of our own in crises. We have learned to cover it up, and pretend that everything is fine, we must learn to ask for help. From my own personal experiences we are rarely fine. Our culture must change.

      Last week I attended the National FOP Conference. While there I attended three workshops:

      Critical Incidents - Stress Management
      Preventing Police Suicide
      Diversity Committee

      I had hoped to bring back contacts and new skill sets. I did not think that days later we would be addressing this as a family. Words alone cannot achieve what took generations to build. We have to work together, and allow each other time to heal. There is no quick fix to what we deal with, but there is a process. Our department, and your family, lost one of our own yesterday. We cannot ever forget him, or his loss. What we can do is stand up and say no more. We can be better, we have to be.

      Today I met with some of our department leaders, and I know that everyone involved has made a decision to address our own family. If you find yourself in a position of need please get help. If you don't have anyone else to call, my number is 816-806-8634.

      We must pay attention to those in need. Suicide is not an option anymore. We have to find a way to save our own. We spend our lives protecting those who cannot protect themselves. It's time we do the same for our own family. Our culture will change.

      Rest in Peace Brother.

      KCFOP Lodge #99 is happy to announce the availability of its new mobile app for your phone, available on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

      This gives you the ability to quickly read any new items posted on the public area of the website.  

      Also, if you're a registered member you can save your username and password within the app so you don't have to constantly re-enter it in the website.  You will also be able to access member-exclusive features from within the app, such as the member directory.

      Setup is easy, once you've registered through the website, download the new App, enter your username and password, and most of the features will be available at the touch of your screen!!

      Navigate to the Apple App Store or Googe Play Store and search for KCFOP!

      (The below article was referenced from the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Fund's BlogSpot page.)
      It was a perfect baseball day for the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium. With the temperature topping out at 93 degrees under a bright sun, the Royals took an early 4-0 lead against the Houston Astros in the first inning during their annual ‘Law Enforcement Day at the K’ on Sunday, July 26.
      More than 500 law enforcement officers, and their friends and family, came out to the ballpark to support this special event, as the Royals won their fifth straight game with the 5-1 final score, remaining at the top of the American League.
      The Cass County (MO) Sheriff’s Department Honor Guard presented the colors during a pregame ceremony in honor of Missouri and Kansas law enforcement personnel. The event benefited the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.
      Our special thanks to Ariel Peralta and the Kansas City Royals Group Sales, the Missouri Chiefs of Police Association and the Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police. Check out www.lawmemorial.org/sports for the latest law enforcement appreciation sporting events to honor law enforcement.

      KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Wednesday afternoon Kansas City officials will vote to approve plans for a new 800-room convention hotel in downtown Kansas City. But a few hours after that, a college professor who believes this project will fail will speak out about it at the Kansas City library.

      Check Fox 4 KC for more :

      KC leaders to set aside millions to build convention center hotel

      KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Mayor Sly James challenges the Kansas City Police Department to reevaluate its spending amid complaints of under-funding.

      The union president voiced concerns about the safety of officers and citizens, as police officers are forced to cover a growing city with a smaller force.

      Check out KSHB for more:

      Kansas City Mayor Sly James challenges KCPD to reevaluate budget

      President Lemon was recently interviewed by KSHB 41 regarding the Police Department Budget and its effect on the number of officers employed.  Police Board President Alvin Brooks also provided a statement.

      Click here to see FOP Lodge #99's President Brad Lemon answer some questions regarding this issue.

      President Lemon, along with other members of the KCFOP, Lodge #99 attended the funeral for slain Detective Kerrie Orozco. Below are President Lemon's thoughts after being a part of this moving tribute to a slain Police Officer.  Following President Lemon's remarks are videos recorded in the procession preceeding the funeral, provided by Brother Hockemeier.

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