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Response to AG Amicus Brief
Posted On: Jul 08, 2021

  Kansas City, Missouri

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #99
527 W 39th, Kansas City, Mo 64111

816-231-8011   www.kcfop.org

July 8, 2021

Earlier today, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed an amicus brief in support of the Kansas City, Missouri Board of Police Commissioners’ lawsuit against the City regarding the City’s decision to withhold funding from the Department.  

We appreciate AG Schmitt weighing in on this important issue.  Nevertheless, the FOP and its rank-and-file members find themselves stuck in the middle of this legal battle while they suffer the repercussions from it.  

Our members’ wages have stagnated while their counter parts in other departments have seen substantial wage increases. Our members are having to work shifts that are short-staffed so much so that at times there are only two or three officers working on a shift. And it’s our members who are seeing their brothers and sisters leave the Department at an alarming pace and questioning if they should be the next ones to leave.  

For these reasons, the FOP hopes that both parties can soon come together to find a resolution to this issue. If not, our members will continue to shoulder the weight of this crisis that was created through no fault of their own. 

KCFOP Lodge #99

FOP Lodge 99
527 W. 39th St., Ste 201
Kansas City, MO 64111

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